Intelligent Leak Repair

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The Industrial Services Division of The Colt Group specializes in sealing leaks on steam, condensate, chemical process, hydrocarbons, air, water, acids with pressures up to 7500psig and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1800° F.

These industrial services are predominantly used in refineries, power generation facilities, pulp & paper mills, petrochemical plants, and any other industrial facility that operates 24 hours a day.

For more information, visit: ecolt.com

Colt understands that making repairs to leaking electrical equipment is totally different than repairing piping leaks throughout the industrial arena.This is the reason The Colt Group has put together a division that is 100% dedicated to solving problems on electrical equipment nationwide. This division is called the Power Services Division.

The Power Services Division repairs transformer oil, nitrogen, silicone and SF6 gas leaks without draining or de-pressurizing the equipment.

For more information, visit: coltpowerservices.com

Colt offers an exceptional sealant that is used to seal scored and marked surfaces and can be used up 1600°F. Common applications of this sealant are turbine casings, heat exchangers, flanges, pump casings, threaded connections, and any other notoriously leaking connection with two mating surfaces.

Our sealant is a two-part, catalytic system that when cured remains pliable and will not bond to the surfaces. The sealant maintains a “memory” that allows it to expand and contract as needed due to temperature changes and vibration.

For more information, visit: htplussealant.com